Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Homework due tomorrow, 8/19/09: Research an Egyptian myth (online or from a book are both okay) and completely fill out the Egyptian Myth worksheet. Do your best! You need this in order to participate on Wednesday.

Today's class activities:
1. In groups, students brainstormed about fairy tales they know and chose one to write about. Each group wrote down as much as they could remember about the story.
2. We talked about tableaus and story structure. Stories have a beginning, middle and end, so we need to show three distinct parts when making our dramatic tableaus (frozen pictures).

1. Beginning/Picture 1: characters and settings
2. Middle/Picture 2: conflict or problem, most action
3. End/Picture 3: resolution

3. Groups worked together to create tableaus that expressed their fairy tales. Audience members were allowed to guess what they thought each group had written about.

4. Explanation of homework assignment

5. Tongue twisters or "This is a..." game if time allows

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