Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making symbols and myths

No homework tonight.

Today's classroom activities: The classes continued their discussion of the "Myth of Ra" and the picture of Ra in the Solar Barge. Each group chose a question to talk about. Each section had different questions and themes, but in general, many students were curious about the following:

1. Who are the other figures in the boat with Ra? 6B and 6D thought they might be servants, dead pharaohs, other gods, or Ra's friends or followers.

2. How was Ra created?

3. If Ra's spit was magical, were his tears also magical? When his tears mixed with dust to make humans, did they impart some magical quality to humans?

4. How did Ra travel along and inside the body of Nut, the sky goddess?

5. What did humans do to make Ra angry?

The classes broke up into smaller groups to work on creating their own symbols for the Egyptian Symbol Challenge. This is the first step in the process to writing, illustrating, and performing our own Egyptian-style myths.

We also did some breath and vocal exercises to give us extra energy on a cloudy day. Breath exercises are excellent practice for performers and musicians, and they also help students with stress, focus, and waking up.

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