Monday, August 24, 2009

Intro to Visual Arts - Line & Shape

Homework: there are 2 worksheets due by Friday. 6B will get these on Tuesday, 6D and 6A already have them. One is a line sampler sheet and the other is a line and shape exercise with an image from an Egyptian Book of the Dead on it. Students asked me to assign them more homework (!) so we'll experiment with assigning all of this week's work and once and allowing students to use their own time to complete it.

1. We talked about the definitions of line and shape. Students looked at a handout on line and drew examples of different line styles on the board.

2. We talked about line directions - vertical, horizontal, and diagonal - and discussed what they mean in visual art with the help of stick figures drawn on the board. A horizontal line, like a horizontal person, communicates rest, peacefulness, reliability. Horizontal surfaces in the classroom are tabletops, the floor, ceiling, seats... mostly things that hold up or support. Vertical lines communicate stability, wakefulness, groundedness. Think of a skyscraper or a person standing straight and tall. Diagonal lines are the most exciting and dynamic and almost always connote movement, speed, change. A person running is diagonally oriented - their torso is tilted forward, their arms and legs are bent at elbow and knee. Think about the Leaning Tower of Pisa - even though it's not likely to fall down any time soon, looking at it creates a feeling of instability.

3. The class started an abstract exercise called "Unique Drawing." A list of drawing directions using vocabulary we covered today is read aloud, one direction at a time, and each student comes up with their own solution to the direction. Every drawing ends up looking quite different, even though they all use the same elements. We will complete this exercise on Tuesday.

Tuesday's activities: Complete Unique Drawings. Begin contour drawing exercises.

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