Monday, August 31, 2009

Myth illustrations

Homework due Tuesday: Work on myth illustration for 20-30 min. Finish all pencil work.

Please complete and hand in value scales, color wheels, and Right Brain Drawings as you finish them in your free class time. I would like to have them all by Wednesday.

Tuesday classwork: we will complete the myth illustrations by going over pencil lines with black pen, erasing pencil marks, and coloring with colored pencils.

Here are the instructions from the board:

1. Sit with your group. Review and discuss your invented Egyptian myth and skit.

2. Choose your favorite scene from your myth. Who are the main characters? What's happening? Where are they?

3. Get out your Egypt handouts: hieroglyph worksheets and the Code of Art

4. Use the Code to draw the main characters in pencil. Add details to show setting and use some of your invented symbols if they are applicable to the action, characters, or setting of your myth.

5. Translate the characters' names into hieroglyphs and write these in cartouches near the characters. You can also add hieroglyphs to explain the action or setting.

6. Go over your pencil lines with black pen and erase stray pencil marks.

7. Color with colored pencils.

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