Monday, October 26, 2009

Reader's Theatre

Today was our reading of Oedipus the King. Students took notes during the reading and wrote down two discussion questions for tomorrow. We went over the Actor's Goals, below, to help students know what to look for in their own and other actors' performances.

Student Actor Goals:

Poise/Focus: staying in character, no giggling, knowing lines
Characterization: show understanding of role through vocal inflection, facial expressions, and body language
Eye contact: look up at audience and other actors as much as possible
Projection/Diction: loud, clear voice with good enunciation; no yelling
Pace: speed of performance neither too fast nor too slow
Ensemble: working with other actors; timing
Peer Evaluation/Questions: notes taken during reading, plus good, open-ended discussion questions

I was so impressed with how well prepared students were, and especially with those who volunteered to read more at the last minute to fill in for absent actors. You all took this challenging play seriously and did your best!

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