Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Drama: Character

Sections are moving at different speeds getting through the drama unit, so here's what we did in each:

6B benefits from the extra few minutes of announcement time in the mornings, apparently, because this section zoomed through dramatizing the Labors of Heracles yesterday and managed to do some solid character work today. First we discussed the Actor's Job and the Actor's Tools (see yesterday's post for those notes), then we tried out some exercises for imagination and living in character.
1. Guided group walks
2. This is a Test with emotions
3. Character Walks
a. Across circle
b. To center and back, with emotions

6D finished dramatizing the Labors, with spectacular results, like a particularly expressive and ferocious Cerberus. We talked about the Actor's Job and Tools, and got some great examples from students of using the imagination to create places and objects on stage.

6A was particularly drowsy today, but nevertheless worked through the remainder of the Labors heroically. We spoke about the Actor's Job and Tools, focusing on consistency (staying in character, making imaginary places real), and finally did Group Walk and one quick round of This is a Test.

Tomorrow, we will do more character work and improvisations to prepare for creating characters on Friday and learning about Greek theatre next week.

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