Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Labors of Heracles - Dramatization

Warmup: everyone re-read the Labors quickly, paying attention to the sequence of events in each Labor in order to prepare for their parts.

In class, directors selected actors to represent the different characters, monsters, and places from the story of Heracles' Labors. Actors acted out each Labor while the Narrator read, then we reflected on what worked, what didn't, and the job of the actor and the director.

Tomorrow, we will finish up any leftover Labors, then start going in depth with characters and improvisation. Later this week, we'll start exploring Greek drama and, if there's time, do a reading of Oedipus the King, by Sophocles.

Here are my notes for actors so far:

Actor's job:

  • listen

  • respond

  • give and receive focus

  • show, don't tell - use concrete sensory details

  • character: appearance, movement, voice, decisions

  • objects: look, find, manipulate, release

  • setting: locate landmarks and maintain

  • story: cause and effect sequence - have a reason

  • communicate with audience by communicating with each other

  • be consistent

Actor's tools:

  • voice

  • body

  • imagination

  • attention

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