Thursday, October 29, 2009

Greek Tragedy Writing - 2nd Day - Outlines

Warmup: Students wrote about who their tragic hero is and how her/his tragic flaw leads to her/his downfall.

Students then worked in their groups to complete both the Tragedy Worksheet started yesterday and today's handout, the Play Outline. This provided the play's structure - prologue, parodos, episode, stasimon, exodos - and places to write in the characters and action for each part. We talked a bit about how the climax takes place offstage and at what point it's necessary to show the tragic hero's psychic suffering. We also discussed the need to make the tragic hero a sympathetic character with some good qualities, so that the audience can feel pity and fear. The worksheets were handed in at the end of class.

Tomorrow: complete character worksheets for each person in group.

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