Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Value Study/Cityscape Project

Homework: none!

Today's warmup: Students drew a simple value study from life of 3 forms with a light source. I saw some very carefully observed and wonderfully drawn work today. Some students went above and beyond, really taking their time to blend subtle gradations in value. Bravo and brava!

Classwork: We talked about the definition of "value" in the visual arts and settled on this: Value is the amount of lightness or darkness of a color, or the balance of light and shade, as in a drawing. We use value to create the illusion of 3 dimensional objects on a 2 dimensional surface, like a sheet of paper.

Then the classes took a walk to the cafeteria to check out a painting project done by juniors. The cityscape is an exploration of value through color. The effect of different layers is created by a controlled use of line to show the silhouettes of city buildings, as well as a gradual change in value, from darkest at the bottom of the artworks to lightest at the top.

Cityscape Project
1. Each student receives a sheet of white paper with 3 marks on either long edge. These are the starting and ending points for lines that define the silhouettes of different "layers" of the cityscape.

2. Each student is assigned a color. When they have drawn their lines for the cityscape, they will use colored pencil to color in four distinct values of their color, from darkest at the bottom of the page to lightest at the top.

3. When all the artworks are finished, we'll hang them edge to edge in order of the color spectrum. The edge marks help line up the different levels of the buildings from one student's paper to the next. Each sixth grade section is doing this project, so by the end we'll have 88 artworks to hang together.

Tomorrow: Begin drawing work on Cityscape.

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