Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cityscape Project

No homework tonight or Friday.

Today in class: We started the new Cityscape project. Each student drew three distinct layers of a city skyline using just one line per layer. Many chose to draw "cutout" shapes like windows and bridge arches, which will be colored with the next value up. On the board, I demonstrated how to map out the four different values used. The darkest is at the bottom of the paper; lightest at the top. Each student had also been assigned a color from the simple color wheel and instructed to use just one colored pencil for the entire artwork - no blending of different hues allowed!

Our goal is to finish all the coloring for this project by the end of class on Friday, then hang the artworks after the long weekend. We'll have to find a good location to hang all 88 individual skylines in line!

New Vocabulary:

monochromatic: from mono, one, and chroma, color. A monochromatic artwork uses a single color.

hue: the name of any color on the color wheel.

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