Friday, September 4, 2009

Cityscape Project continued

No homework was assigned for the weekend, except for students who did not finish their Cityscape in class. Please complete these and hand in on Tuesday.

Classwork: 6B completed their work early and played drama games for most of the period, as promised. We tried several different games:

- Freeze action: 2 players are in the middle of the circle, pantomiming an action. Anyone around the circle can say "Freeze!," then tap one of the frozen players, sending them to the circle and taking up their frozen position. The new player then changes the action and the remaining original player goes along, developing the action until another player calls "Freeze!"
- Bus stop
- Change one thing (2 things, 3 things): partners stand facing each other and observe each other closely for about 40 seconds. Then they turn their backs, change 1,2, or 3 things about their appearance, and turn back around so their partners can guess what changed.
- Follow walks: partners stand one behind the other. The leader walks normally and the follower tries to imitate their natural walk as closely as possible. They switch. Variations: leaders walk as if going to detention, going to their best friend's birthday party, etc.

The idea of playing these games, besides having fun, is to help students develop essential skills such as listening, body awareness, group dynamics, physical coordination, observation, and creativity.

6D and 6A worked on finishing their Cityscapes for most of the period. Students who completed their work were given several different project options to work on.

The Cityscapes are beautiful! Every student took great care to show four distinct values in their pieces. These are going to look amazing displayed in the school. We will take down older artwork and hang this week's pieces as soon as all the students finish.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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