Thursday, September 24, 2009

Junk Band Challenge - Final Countdown

"Oh my gosh, this project is due tomorrow and we need to practice!"
If you find yourself saying something like this, never fear. Ms. Blumenfeld will be in Room 103 during lunch and after school today, and before school tomorrow morning.

Homework: self-selected. If graphic scores aren't finished, take them home and finish them in time for tomorrow's performances.

Today's goals:
1. Rehearse 2 min. songs with all changes, solos, transitions.
2. Complete graphic scores.

Hey, how do you know if you did a good job? What will you be graded on?

I never grade projects for this introductory class based on how polished the final product is. I'm looking for three main things:


Effort covers things like how well you used your time in class and if you persevered through challenges.

Teamwork is all about the attitude you bring to the project, as well as how well each team member participated and how much they contributed.

Requirements are listed on the project sheet and include things like how many different types of instruments you used, how long the song is, if the graphic score was completed and handed in on time, etc.

I will ask each student to fill out a self-evaluation after the performances tomorrow.

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