Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greek Tragedy - Rewrites and Run-throughs

Complete first drafts of the entire script were due this morning. I wrote comments for each script I received - these should help your groups with rewrites.

Due tomorrow, Thursday: mask making materials. Bring to Room 103 if you have items to share with all the classes. Keep items that are just for yourself in your cubby.

Due Friday: typed copy of the second draft. Someone from each group will need to take responsibility for finishing this. Scripts may be printed out and handed in to Ms. Blumenfeld or emailed to

Today's classwork: groups got together to read through each script. Reading through helps during the writing process, especially to show how long the play is, what parts make sense together, and what needs to be rewritten. You can also improvise off the lines you already have written to see how scenes might be made more clear.

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