Thursday, November 12, 2009

Greek Tragedy: Rehearse & Rewrite

Important dates:

Friday, 11/13: Final draft of script due
Wednesday, 11/18: All actors off book (lines memorized)
Wednesday, 12/2, 4 pm: 6A and 6B performances in Annex
Thursday, 12/3, 4 pm: 6C and 6D performances in Annex

All 6th graders are required to attend BOTH performances. They should last no more than an hour. Actors should bring snacks. Call time on both days is 3:30 pm.

Today we practiced some quick vocal warmups using character voices. Groups then ran through their plays and worked on their lines.

Groups that work from their final drafts tomorrow and find they still need to add lines may choose to revise over the weekend and hand in changes on Monday.

We'll aim to finish masks next week.

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