Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chimera continued.

The mythological beasts are really shaping up. Many students have done an amazing job of using photographs for inspiration. Everyone is using their imaginations to picture what sort of habitat these chimeras would feel at home in, and I'm seeing a lot of really well-drawn backgrounds.

We've talked a bit about how Roman artists tried to represent space in their compositions. Linear perspective wasn't invented until the Renaissance, so Romans used size, placement, and overlapping to show distance. Larger objects that are positioned nearer to the bottom of the page appear closer to the viewer; objects that are partly covered by other objects, that are positioned closer to the top of the page, or that are drawn smaller seem further away. 6th grade students are now using horizon lines to show where their creatures are located in the landscape.

Chimeras are due tomorrow at the end of class.

Next week: Roman poetry

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